Saturday, October 25, 2008

CIC Team Treasuries

Red Hot for CIC by NickyBeeShop!

  • Here are the latest CIC Team Treasuries!
  • Listed as they are reported & updated throughout the day!
  • Please take a look at these fantastic treasuries & comment on them.
  • Then be sure to blog about them, Twitter about them, StumbleUpon them or whatever it is you can do to promote them!


Diana Evans said...

these are so colorful and fun!!! you guys always brighten my day with cheer....

Have a great weekend...


sugardollshop said...

ooh! thank you for such lovelly colors and items!!! :D
and i'm so hapy to see one of my bonnets there! ** hugs*

Always Amy said...

I can't believe how many Treasuries we have right now! At least 4 new ones just today!

Marilyn said...

Wow! They all look awesome!

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