Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Member Spotlight:Just Tutu Cute

Hello! Meet Amanda from Just Tutu Cute...whose products really are too cute!

Name: Amanda Miller
Age: 30 - wow! I'm getting old!!
Shop: Just Tutu Cute

What kind of things do you make? girly things....tutu's, tutu dresses, fairy wings, fairy crowns, princess tiara's, wands- both garden fairy wands, and princess fairy wands

How long have you been doing your craft? I just passed my 6 month mark on Oct. 13, 2008
When did you start selling & what inspired you to start selling? I started selling April 13, 2008. My daughter inspired me to begin making girly things. I started making her hair bows and headbands. I made a tutu to go with a ballerina book for a girlfriend of mine. People suggested I start to make the bows and tutus to sell. I learned about Etsy and set up shop. It took me a couple of months, but I found my niche. I no longer do bows or headbands, but instead focus entirely on tutu's and wands and wings.

Is this your full time job? Noooo. My full time job is being a mommy to three beautiful babies. I have a three year old son, a two year old son, and my daughter just turned 1. This is my escape from mommy-hood. Crafting and creating takes my mind off of the kids and chores, and cooking....I create during their nap time every day.

What are your hobbies? I love to read!!! And I like to bake, and watch NASCAR with my hubby. *wink*

What is your favorite color? PURPLE!!!!!!
What is your favorite color combination? PURPLE and green.
Which colors do you use most in your work? pink and PURPLE.

What is your number 1 tip for success? A passion for what you are doing. Prayer. And a good business sense. (Which I don't have, but my husband does) I guess that is three things...but it is what has worked for me these last couple of months. I still feel pretty new at this stuff, and certainly don't feel like a super huge success.

What do you think is the most fun way to promote? Through friends- word of mouth.


Jennifer Rose said...

another great interview. The wings in this shop are very cute :D

Diana Evans said...

wonderful interview Tizz!!! and I hope to have a daugther one day so I can have some fun with these...


Always Amy said...

Are any of her items tagged with the team info. I couldn't find anything. :(

Tip Top said...

Just fantastic!!

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