Monday, November 24, 2008

What is your color IQ?

As you probably noticed yesterday, I posted the Multicolored Monday post a day too early! Are Sundays so stressful they feel like Mondays? Nah, it's not quite that bad. I just forgot to schedule to post for Monday and hit "publish post" right away.

Because we don't want a No Post Monday, I have something else for you. I found this on Swe Daisy Spaces: The "What is your color IQ?" test! You have to arrange the colors in the right hue order.

It was actually quite tricky! If you are going to try, I suggest making your screen as bright as possible, and looking at it from different angles. It might make your eyes go a bit funny!

As you can see, I scored 4%! The scores go from 0% (best) to 100% (worst), so I didn't do too bad at all!

You can take the test here. Don't forget to reply with your results!


Diana Evans said...

I am heading there to take the find Tizz!!!

milkberry said...

Cool find Tizzie, as always! I scored a 4 as well! Wheee!

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