Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Help needed!

As most of you can probably relate too, the holidays are a busy time for me (Tizz from Tizzalicious). I have a hard time keeping up with all the things I have to do for the team, so I could use a little help.

Amy (from Always Amy) and Marilyn (from Pulp Sushi) are already a great help, as Amy posts the treasuries in the blog whenever she finds out about them, and Marilyn moderates the team's Flickr Group and posts her fantastic "I See CIC" features in the blog every now and then.

I need more help though! If you think you can be helpful in any way, please contact me in a comment here, with a way I can contact you, or send me a convo.

What I would love is:

♥ Ideas for the blog
♥ One or more people who would like to post regular features in the blog, either new ones or features I post now (multicolored monday, tutorial, the themes on Thursday, or the crafting in color wheel)
♥ Submissions for the Member Spotlight! (Find the questions for the interview here)
♥ Anything else you think you can do to be helpful

I would also like to remind everyone to make sure your items are tagged with the "CIC Team" tag. It's really hard to get a nice variety of shops in the blog features, and in treasuries if half of our team doesn't tag the items! We are a large team, but when searching for the "CIC Team" tag that doesn't show! Let's change that!

I hope I can count on you all! Once I get some more help with the blog, I will have more time to reply to the new people who would like to join our team, which will make our team grow and get better!

And if making the team bigger & better isn't a good enough reason to help me out: I am also planning on adding some ad space on the blog, with free spots for the people who are active in our team (that includes those of you who make a lot of treasuries! You are fantastic! ♥).


Paisley Chainsaw said...

I would happily help, I am not very good at blogging yet :-D I am still getting too grips with it!
I will happily have a think of some blog ideas though and will fill out the member spotlight. If there is anything else I can help with let me know :-)

JoonToons said...

i would love to help as well, but i've got to take an etsy break since my due date is now rapidly approaching. i wish i could've been more active as a member of this fantastic group and i look forward to getting back into the CIC swing of things once we've made it through the rough newborn weeks.
you're doing a fantastic job, tizza!! thank you so much for putting so much hard work into all of this! :)

Diana Evans said...

HI Tizz...I am finishing a children's book right now...but once I have this project finished I would love to help out!!!


Azra Momin said...

Tizz, you have been doing such a fantastic job so far! I have been gone for horribly long, but I should be back in a day or two. I would love to help. Lemme think of a few blog ideas and convo you.

I will keep in mind the things you'd like help with. If there's anything else, please let me know!

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