Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I thought it’d be fun to do a little series about color.

So, first, a little background about color.

We don’t actually see what our eyes see, we see what our brains want us to see.

The information that we receive through our eyes is incomplete, and so our brains adapt the information, based on our experience.

Our vision is a sense, and generally it is standardized. Our brains are individualized, and thus we all perceive colors differently.

There are two basic types of color mixes: Additive and Subtractive:

Mixing colored lights is an additive process- adding the energy of one light to another- so that the secondary colors are brighter than the primary colors.

Also, note that the Primary colors of the Additive process, are the Secondary colors of the Subtractive process!

Mixing pigments is a subtractive process, based on the absorption and reflection of light. It subtracts light, making the secondary colors are duller. (note, adding white pigment just disperses the original color, so that the result is paler).

Objects absorb some frequencies of light, and reflect others. A red ball absorbs lots of light from the blue and yellow spectrum, and reflects the reds.

Thus the red ball is really green!

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