Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Inspiring Color

I came across Kris's Color Stripes, an amazing blog with an amazing idea - she takes inspirations from things around her and creates color palettes based on them. What an incredible way to hone your color instincts!

This is such a cool idea I want to do it myself. I think it would a great lesson in really looking at what makes color combinations work, and then using those palettes in art, craft, decor or clothing. Either way it would be a great starting point in design, no matter what kind.

This is a set of three palettes she created out of pictures by Iris Velghe, who does some amazing photography, as you can see.

And one of Kris's many other sources of inspiration:

And then I discovered she's a fellow Etsyian (of course!) here's some of her own work, available in her shop.

Hope this inspires you to seek out colors that speak to you!



Tweed Delights said...

Great! Really interesting idea and very inspiring :D!

o'reilly ink said...

very inspiring, thanks!!!

The Rainbow Room said...

We had to do this at Uni, study an image and then mix and paint each colour in stripes in the % it was in the photo, then convert it into black and white and do the same again.
Put me off doing it again, but it would be easier doing on the computer : )

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