Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday: How To Make Your Own Padded Envelopes

Tutorial by Lynsey from SwirlyArts.

Make your own padded envelopes using reclaimed materials

Materials you will need (pic 1,2 and 3)

Paper – something strong like book pages/wallpaper. I wouldn't recommend magazines.
Bubblewrap – I get mine free from the fruit and veg aisle at the supermarket. Just make sure you ask first!
Double sided sticky tape along with normal sticky tape
Paper cutter (optional)

Pictures 1, 2 & 3

How to do it

Gather two pieces of paper and ensure that they are roughly the same size (you can trim stray edges later). Choose which is going to be the front of the envelope and which is going to be the back. The back piece needs to have about half an inch cut off it at the top. (see pic 4)

Picture 4

Turn your back piece over so that the inside of the envelope is facing up. Don't start with the front piece as the bubble wrap will end up in the way later! The add a small strip of double sided tape around the outside of the paper (pic 5)
Picture 5

Cut yourself 2 piece of bubble wrap that fit inside the tape (pic 6) and then peel the backing off the top strip of tape and stick one piece of bubble wrap to it. You may need additional tape behind the bubblewrap near the bottom to secure it firmly.

Picture 6

Take your second piece of bubblewrap and place it on top of the other piece. Add tape to the back of the bubblewrap as seen (pic 7)

Picture 7

Peel off all the backing and place the front of the envelope onto the top of the bubblewrap. (pic 8)

Picture 8

You'll need to postion it carefully but don't worry if the edges don't match up perfectly – you can trim them later. Your envelope will now look like a sandwich (pic 9)

Picture 9

You will now need to press around the outside of the envelope to stick the 2 pieces of paper together. (pic 10) And voila – you have a padded envelope made from reclaimed paper!

Picture 10

You can have fun and use lots of different papers (pic 11) The extra inch on the front piece can be folded down to make the lip of your envelope which can be secured by tape. I also keep scraps of plain paper to use as address labels.

Picture 11
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