Monday, September 7, 2009

Color For Kids - Shades of Pumpkin!

Leaves are already starting to change (here where I am) and soon jack-o-lanterns will be a familiar sight! Inspired by that lovely pumpkin color ... some color for kids:

Hand Painted Bunny from Jammer Sage

felted high top baby shoes from the clever kitty

Clementine Kiss Blanket from whynottsewn

Little Orange Felt Mouse Pincushion from swiedebie


The Clever Kitty said...

I love orange! That little mouse is adorable. Thanks for featuring my felted baby shoes! :)

katw0man said...

Clever Kitty!

I just love those shoes! Do you have any boy shoes?

I have a pregnant friend and
she just found out she is having
a boy....we originally thought girl but now I have to change gears and rethink my gift giving strategy!

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