Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cool Website - COLOURlovers

If you're a member of the Crafting in Color Team, it's obvious that you love color.

One website that you might enjoy playing around with is COLOURlovers, where you can create custom colors, palettes and patterns. You can use it to get colorful inspiration from other members or use it to inspire others by saving your palettes and colors right on the site.

You can even use the COLOURlovers site to create a custom Twitter design!

They also have a fantastic blog that highlights color trends in interior design and art, as well as basic tips and tricks for using color, news, and other interesting color-related articles.

Don't forget to check out the forums for color talk!

A small sampling of some of the awesome palettes created by COLOURlovers members:

A small sampling of some funky, colorful patterns created by COLOURlovers members:

If you play around on COLOURlovers, leave a link in the comments to your member page so we can enjoy your colorful inspirations!

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