Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December Team Challenge - Frosty Snowflakes!

Winter is coming, people. Get ready for it! In honor of the coming chilly winter weather, this month’s challenge will have a “frosty snowflakes” theme! We are looking for crafty items that evoke that icy winter feeling, either by using the color blue, images of snowflakes, or fluffy cotton to represent snow!

You can enter the challenge with an item you already have listed in your shop or you can make a special item specifically for the challenge!
If you have your item listed in your shop, email the link to
If it’s not listed in your shop, email anyway with a photo and short description of the item.

You can enter the December Challenge between 12/1/09 and 12/15/09
Voting for the December Challenge will run from 12/16/09 through 12/31/09.

Instructions for voting will be explained in the next Team Challenge post on 12/16/09.  The creator of the winning entry will have their mini displayed on the blog next month! You can vote until December 31st!

The winner will be announced on Friday 1/1/2010.

To get you started, here are some chilly images to inspire you!

 by thevince

Good luck to everyone who enters!


Diana Evans said...

oh what fun!!! this sounds like a great challenge ....

the snow pics make me long for some snow here....

I am creating a white winter wonderland this year...

Kelly Taylor said...

Those "cold" "blue" pictures are breathtaking and I am working already on some blue and white pictures!

Thanks for posting this and I hope to have something to share with everyone soon!

Kelly Taylor

Moh Qosim said...

good picture, I like the winter scene. :-D

linda boucher said...

Great photo finds!!

And the challenge is a great one! Looking forward to putting my (winter) thinking hat on, and taking part!

pbrigitte said...

Just sent it in! Yay!

KnittingGuru said...

I sent in my entry - Winter Wonderland Scarf - yesterday, but I think I sent it to one of those awful do-not-reply addresses. I sent one on again today, I hope to the right place!


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