Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Theme - Birds

I've been feeding the birds off my apartment balcony for a while now.  Every morning, I toss a couple fist fulls of birdseed out on the patio, and when I come home from work, all the seed is gone.  I figured I just had really REALLY hungry birds living in my area.

Then, the other day, a few minutes after I had put the birdseed out, there was a rustling on the balcony and my cats started to flip out so I went to investigate.


Big stupid filthy pigeons have been devouring my birdseed and leaving none for the poor hungry little cute birds!  I was completely horrified and have thus stopped feeding the birds because I'm afraid my neighbors are going to be annoyed that I've been unwittingly attracting sky rats to our apartment complex.

And that story is what inspired this week's Thursday theme!  Enjoy these bird-themed items by our fabulous Crafting in Color members!


Swirlyarts said...

Hah sky rats! We have always called them flying rats here but I like sky rats much better!

Andreanna said...

I have some birdies I feed on my balcony so that I can watch them while I drink my coffee! Thanks for including my little owl.

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