Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Member Spotlight - RusticRainbow

Name:  Jennifer
Age:  Do I have to?? lol Ok ok IM 30!

What kind of things do you make?
I make unique, whimsical felt adornments and pin cushions

How long have you been doing your craft?
Ive been working with the felt for about a year but ive been creating since I was young

When did you start selling & what inspired you to start selling?
I started selling about 8 years ago offline. When I was in my early 20's I traveled to California in a "tent on wheels" and sold jewelry for gas money! I love sharing my creativity with other people!

Is this your full time job?
Its my full time everything! Id eat and drink felt if I could! Actually Im in the middle of taking medical terminolgy and coding classes for a back up career,lol

What are your hobbies?
Besides Etsy and my felt creations,I am also interested in essential oils and aromatherapy. I love to use essential oils to clean my home,They smell wonderful and have so many useful and beneficial properties! I also like music,camping and festivals!

What is your favorite color? 


What is your favorite color combination?
Green and purple

Which colors do you use most in your work?
Every possible color known to human!

What is your number 1 tip for succes?
Do not give up! Find your niche and be unique. Learn how to use your camera,I took a class! You need good pics to stand out :) I didnt always ell felt on Etsy..I tried alot of things but they seemed to blend in to much with so many other shops. It didnt stand out. Now I get lots of compliments and attention on my new items and people always tell me I have great pics. Ive worked really hard to get this far!

What do you think is the most fun way to promote?
I love tweeting and chatting in the Etsy chatrooms. You get to show off yours and other sellers items and meet new people! Every now and then ill pop into the forums. I also like to put business cards on store bulletins.  Wearing your items is also a great way to promote!


AngieHandmade said...

So cute!

Diana Evans said...

oh so sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!

NoniBam said...

I think your items are wonderful!! - very happy and colorful...
Just hearted you ;-)

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