Monday, March 1, 2010

WINNER of the February Theme Challenge!

Congratulations to karibombari who had the most votes for the February team challenge!

The theme was "love and hearts" and this was the winning item:

This item had 21 votes out of 141.

karibombari will have her Etsy mini displayed on the Crafting in Color blog for the entire month of March!

Thank you to all the CIC members who participated in the challenge.
Thank you for keeping Etsy colorful!

Keep your eyes peeled for the March team theme challenge coming soon!


karibombari said...

a HEART-FELT thank you ;) to CIC for letting me enter. Didn't expect to win with all the cuteness but am very happy about it :) Having my Etsy mini featured is such a nice surprise. Thanks again and thank you to everyone who voted, eventhough that sentence kinda reminds me of the Oscars and assorted speeches...

Miki said...

CONGRATS!!! Love your heart!

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