Friday, April 23, 2010

Crafting in Color Wheel - Pauper Edition

Looking for something colorful but can't afford the extravagant items featured in last week's post?

Try these inexpensive items from the Crafting in Color Team!  Everything here is priced under $10.

Red:  Love Greeting Card
Orange:  DMC Perle Cotton Thread Size 8 Medium Tangerine 741
Yellow:  PEOPLE OF THE ORIENT - Asian Woman Man Child Ephemera - Pinback Buttons
Green:  Green Starfish Earrings
Turquoise:  Set of 4 Large Turquoise Snag Free Stitch Markers
Blue:  Mix and Match Tilda Mod Hair Pins - Set of 3 Fabric Covered Bobby Pins - Blue
Purple:  SALE - Purple Flower Sequin Square Resin Ring
Pink:  Bobo Pack - Pink Clover Dot

1 comment:

AngieHandmade said...

I love that orange crochet thread. Isn't always so stunning to see things in bright colors when you expect to see them in more subdued hues?

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