Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Member Spotlight: Artnomadix

Name:  Megg
Age:  Just entered my second half century ......50
Location:  Tyalgum, New South Wales, Australia

What kind of things do you make?

Unusual pointy hats, called 'Gumnut Antennas to the Universe', hand painted clothes, and sewn items

How long have you been doing your craft?

I have been painting clothes since '83 and creating hats since '87? Lately I haven't been painting as much and am beginning to gather materials to cut and sew into new creations.

When did you start selling and what inspired you to start selling?

I started selling my Rainbow painted clothes back in 1983. I think I was inspired to by the wonderful market at St Andrews, in the hills outside Melbourne. A local market held every Saturday rain or shine, it became my social day, and I enjoyed interacting with the passing people. Later when I was crocheting I always worked on a new hat while at the stall, which customers enjoyed to watch and learn about the process of integrating the colours into patterns.

Is this your full time job?

It used to be, alongside modelling for art classes, where I also managed to work on my hats in between, and on the trams to and from the various colleges I worked at. I think I was quite a known character, in those days, wearing colourful and eclectic clothing, working from my little cane basket, busy creating a new pointy hat, in peak hour crowded trams ! lol at the memory.

Now I am on a pension and it is just an occasional addition

What are your hobbies?
Painting from the landscape, dancing to music with a story.

What is your favorite color?
Hmmmm that's a hard one.......but I guess at the moment I'd have to say Intense Blues, like Peacock Blue and Vibrant Turquoise, I need it, for the healing process I am under going, for my recent flagging health, that has been making me feel constantly exhausted for past 2 years.

What is your favorite color combination?

Jade Purple and Blue.......

Which colors do you use most in your work?

I use the entire spectrum in my work, often I empty the basket and refill with a new range of colours to work with, so I don't get bored.

Years ago I once had 7 or 8 orders for Rainbow Toddler Hats, ......well in the middle I just had to stop and do a 'totally freeform colour' one or two for my own sense of creativity.

What is your number 1 tip for success?
Enjoy what you are doing ???

What do you think is the most fun way to promote?

Working or wearing my creations, out in the public domain. I can't seem to crack the online selling thru Etsy, whether etsy buyers are too conservative re bright colours, or it is the wrong kind of stuff, I don't know. I am about to start listing my hats on a new Australian site called Ethikl, and I hope that will help me sell online.

Maybe I can find a cheap flight to Alice Springs, in Cental Australia, to go and sell and 'promote', at what may be tha last Beanie Festival held there. When I am there, I can sell 2 thousand dollars worth of hats, and as it is such a large extavaganza of a festival, it is THE most fun way of promoting colourful creations

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