Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Member Spotlight: KnittingGuru & BurryBabies

Name: Veena Burry
Age: N/A -- Age is a meaningless number
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Shop: and

What kind of things do you make?
Knitwear and crocheted clothing, accessories and fiber jewelry for adults. Knitwear and crocheted clothing for babies.

How long have you been doing your craft?
Since I was 4 years old. I learned to knit and crochet before I learned to read.

When did you start selling and what inspired you to start selling?
I started selling my handwoven clothing and tapestries many years ago. I now concentrate on my first loves -- knitting and crochet -- which I've been selling on Etsy since 2006. Before that I used to sell to NYC boutiques and do juried shows, but I much prefer the internet. Selling was just a natural outgrowth of being a very prolific knitter and crocheter.

Is this your full time job?

What are your hobbies?
Knitting and crocheting! When your hobbies and your work are the same, life is good. I'm also a compulsive reader and a big fan of the NY Philharmonic and the Metropolitan Opera.

What is your favorite color?
That's very hard to answer because I love all colors. I suppose red would come first, but I'm also passionate about cobalt blue, violet, yellow, chartreuse, pink/rose, and, of course, black and white.

What is your favorite color combination?
I love colors that "clash". For example - Purple and green, red and pink, blue and green, and again, of course, black and white.

Which colors do you use most in your work?
I love vivid colors, but am also fond of pastels.

What is your number 1 tip for success?
Perseverance -- by which I mean, do your work no matter what, ignore negative vibrations that come from the outside, perfect your craft, and continually try new things.

What do you think is the most fun way to promote?
I am the last person I would have expected to like Facebook, but I adore it. In just a few months I've made over 2000 fans and friends. Many of them have bought from me directly or through my online shops which, in addition to Etsy, include 1000 Markets, Artfire, and my own website --

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