Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekly Poll: How do YOU fill up your Etsy Cart?

Ciao Color Enthusiasts! How was your week? Mine was extra fun because several of my colorful Etsy purchases arrived. (Is there anything nicer to come home to than a little treasure box on your doormat?) So today The Fab Miss B is wondering, what is your favorite way to shop for color on Etsy?


Hello there! My name is June said...

I love to pounce new shops on etsy, but since last year's holiday season, I've been shopping by using the 'CIC Team' tag in the search!
I think there isn't a better way to support my fellow cic team members than to actually shop the cic tagged shops!
So far I've fallen in love with Nowvember's 'kitten awesome' notebook, a recycled book for my boy from swirlyarts, amazing soap from BLSoaps (I love handmade soap), and a sweet print by zombuki! I have so many cic team items in my favorites from making treasuries, but there are so many things I'd just love to buy when I have the moola!

Rachael said...

I just like to think of a random word and see what comes out in the "all items" search!

By the way LOVE the blog!!! It looks super-fab and so bright and cheery!!


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