Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Tutorial - How To Make a Vanity URL for Your Facebook Fan Page

This tutorial comes from Hilary over at A Slice of Delight on Etsy.  After you do the tutorial, make sure you check out her Etsy shop for lots of lovely, funky, colorful soaps!

When you have at least 25 fans you can change your facebook fan page to what they call a "Vanity Url". When you first create your facebook fan page it's a long jumbled up string of letters/numbers and your business name. Some of you may still be using this long name and have 100's of fans at this's what you can do...


Click on this link - - at the bottom of that page you will see this link - Set a username for your Pages - click on that then you will see a drop down and when you click the drop down you should see your ' business fan page'.

I actually created two by accident so I picked the one that had already started getting a few fans - at that point you should have a chance to just put in the name (with or without spaces) or any form of upper/lower case you want) and check the availability.

At that point you make the big 'commit' and you can't go back. At that point this long url (I've made this up) - /20800345155?ref=ts will get to be (if that's how you want it) - It doesn't change the name of the page title (which may have spaces) but this gets the url down to something nice and manageable

Now the URL is nice and simple and can easily be put on a business card or any other place you want it posted/tweeted/promoted/etsy/blog/website/etc..


Lauren said...

Thanks much for this - been wondering how to do this!!

creativebeadz said...

Thanks for a great tutorial--it's so hard to find some of this info without help! much appreciated!--and well written.


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